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Single Review – Broken Dreams, Inc by Rise Against

Rise Against

Broken Dreams, Inc.
Rise Against

What do DC Comics and punk rock have in common? Well, before today, you may have said nothing and you would not necessarily have been wrong. Yet Rise Against is changing this; with the release of single “Broken Dreams, Inc,” punk rock icons Rise Against mash together hard-hitting sound with explosive art from Greg Capullo’s “Dark Night: Death Metal,” crafting an incredible audible and visual experience. The first new song in three years for Rise Against, “Broken Dreams, Inc” is a standout single, something you should not miss out on.

Sonically, Rise Against returns with breakneck punk rock. “Broken Dreams, Inc” opens with an anthemic slap of sound; as the dynamic drums intersect with the blazing guitar there is an immediate release of energy. Impassioned vocals deliver a clear, striking message that seems to hint at the changing understanding of American society, a reflection of what many are feeling in this strange year. Throughout “Broken Dreams, Inc,” the drums lend an unceasing movement, punctuated by the bass and guitar pounding during the bridge. It is a perfectly crafted, chaotically brilliant single, exactly what we would expect from Rise Against.

You cannot talk about “Broken Dreams, Inc” without also talking about the brilliant visual experience. Paired with the single is the animated video for Dark Nights: Death Metal. The animation pulls from the DC world and you will catch glimpses of all the well-known heroes and villains. Even if you are not necessarily a card-carrying member of the comic book fandom, you will be drawn in by the striking images that fit so perfectly with each lyric.

“Broken Dreams, Inc” is a something special; the single itself is a masterpiece of punk rock perfection, and when paired with the DC Comic explosion you find yourself transported to another dimension. Rise Against crafts an experience of both sonic and visual brilliance, making “Broken Dreams, Inc” a single worth diving into.

Watch “Broken Dreams, Inc” by Rise Against:

Photo by Pollen Heath.