Black Pumas Brings The Energy to The Masonic

Black Pumas
Masonic Auditorium
December 15, 2021

Photos by Jon Bauer.

 Black Pumas are having a magical musical moment; not only has their record graced popular ads bringing their sound to homes all over the country, but the band with their self-titled album has also enjoyed praises from all the major magazines, award shows, and music lovers. Their continuously growing number of groupies braved a cold and rainy Wednesday night, catching an electric yet intimate show. Black Pumas took to the Masonic stage, transforming the evening with their psychedelic soul sound and dynamic stage presence.

Black Pumas

Black Pumas broke through the dark void of an empty room, slinking onto the stage while red lights cascaded from the Puma amulet hanging above. The sound pulsated, the crowd anxiously swayed, and the night began. Diving into the crowd, singer Eric Burton led the first few songs from the pit, everyone singing loudly when fan favorite ‘Ain’t No Love’ pumped through the speakers. The opening was not a bombastic display of stage power, but rather showed both the immense musical talent of the Pumas as well as the intimacy they have crafted with their fans. The moment was special, and after ten or so minutes of magic Eric bounded back to the stage.

Black Pumas

The stage warmed as cascading oranges intermingled with the bluesy ‘Old Man’ and ‘I Am Ready’ filled the room. The audience swayed, breathing in the vibrancy of sound and sight. The moment of bliss was rocked as guitar screeched in, ‘Touch the Sky’ and ‘Sugar Man’ bringing electric energy to the room.

Black Pumas

Soaring vocals and crashing drums continued to fill the set with energy, as Black Pumas moved from ‘Confines’ to ‘Know You Better.’ As each song builds, fans sing along, louder and louder, a unified voice that calls and responds to the band. With an almost futuristic space ting, ‘Black Moon Rising’ filled the room with such warmth and sound that the moment seemed to stop time, the perfect climax to the ramping energy.

Black Pumas

Evoking deep emotion, ‘Desperate Situation’ brought a poignant pause to the ramping energy, allowing audience to pause to reflect and breath. The demurred momentum continued as ‘Mrs. Postman’ and ‘Stay Gold’ wowed fans with the beauty of Black Pumas musical talent. Upbeat blues rock ‘More Than A Love Song’ and funk focused ‘Politicians In My eyes’ broke the moments of contemplation, the audience once again bopping and dancing along as the songs sway. The set rounded out with hauntingly beautiful ‘OCT 33’ and fan favorite ‘Colors.’ After a brief moment off stage, Black Pumas returned for an encore that included a new song and ‘Fire.’

Black Pumas

It is impossible to pick a favorite part, a standout moment, of a Black Pumas show. The brilliant vocals, the insane instrumentals, the awe-inspiring colors, all combine to create this moment of pure musical magic that leaves one in a state of utter bliss. In a season in which music has been regulated to individual devices, Black Pumas brings soul back to the soulless, intimately weaving together music and experience that makes you glad that live music is back. At the Masonic, Black Pumas crafted a euphoric and intimate set, bringing their best to the stage.

Here’s a slideshow with more photos of the Black Pumas by Jon Bauer: