Pre-Party for Punk in the Park Prepares The Cow Palace For the Onslaught

Punk in the Park
Cow Palace

Photos by Raymond Ahner

Now in its fourth year, the So. Cal Punk in the Park festival has hit the road on its Punk in the Park American Road Trip. The festival itself hit the historic Cow Palace parking lot this past Saturday with a line-up that included Descendants, The Vandals, Black Flag, and The Exploited, but not before the Pre-Party took place on Friday night at the same location. Although it was a quite cold, windy, and foggy evening, that didn’t stop the punks from coming out to witness Venice punk legends Suicidal Tendencies, along with Guttermouth, D.I., Naked Aggression, and T.V. Tragedy. It was the perfect way to “warm up” the fans for the next day.

T.V. Tragedy

Arizona’s T.V. Tragedy hit the stage at precisely 5:15PM, and quickly got the crowd going, despite many still filtering in. Although they only had a roughly 25 minute set, they more than did their job, bringing the fans to the front of the barricade to check them out.

Naked Aggression

Up next were Naked Aggression, a female-fronted (and once Oakland-based) Anarcho-Punk band from Madison, Wisconsin. The band have gained quite a following over the years, and were the sleeper band of the evening. Vocalist Kirsten Patches had made a flag for the event, and it ended up with the punks in the pit, as they slammed around during the set.


Long running Orange County punk rock legends D.I. were up next, and most certainly didn’t disappoint, playing a twelve song set, highlighted by “Johnny’s Got a Problem,” “Hang Ten in East Berlin,” and of course “Richard Hung Himself.” By the time they wrapped up their set with “Youth in Asia,” the fog was rolling in, but the kids were getting more primed for the headliners.


Guttermouth followed with what seemed to be a somewhat brief set, but the more than did their job supporting Suicidal Tendencies.

Suicidal Tendencies

After a very cold thirty minutes, and with the fog now rolling in so fast it appeared to be raining, Suicidal Tendencies hit the stage running,and proceeded to pit on thier usual more than high energy set, with frontman Mike Muir pacing the stage like he always has. Although he more than once commented on how wet the stage was, that didn’t stop him or the band from a frantic seven-song set, highlighted by “You Can’t Bring Me Down,” “I Saw Your Mommy,” and “Cyco Vision.” The band wrapped up their set with the all-time punk rock classic “Institutionalized,” leaving their fans, soaking wet, exhausted, and more than happy to do it all again the next day.

Here’s a slideshow with more photos of all the bands:

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