Leif Vollebekk Lights Up Great American Music Hall

Leif Vollebekk
Great American Music Hall
March 15,2022

Leif Vollebekk is something special. Taking to the Great American Hall stage, Leif and band intermixed a setlist of ethereal beauty with moments of hilarity and levity, crafting a night that will be remembered.

From the beginning of the set, it is clear that Leif brings something different to the milieu of the music world. With an organic-ness and honesty in both sound and lyric, his music offers a different type of vulnerability and rightfulness. His songs bloom and flow, capturing your mind and heart as the sound swells around the room. ‘East of Eden’ opened Leif’s set at Great America Hall; with stoic grace the notes cascaded to fill the room with a warm fuzz, people dancing along as the band played.

Moving from guitar to piano, Leif breaks out in fan favorite ‘Into the Ether.’ The song evokes a call and response, the fan singing along as Leif leads. An up-tempo in song brings a handful of expressive songs, including ‘Big Sky Country,’ giving a sort of backyard session vibe to the set. The songs felt intimate yet vibrant, a perfect mixture that Leif’s live show brings. Back on guitar, Leif and band launch into ‘Apalachee Plain.’ The song wizzes with drums and harmonicas, shifting the energy as the crowd whoops with glee and bounces to the song.

After some extended crowd banter, Leif launches into ‘Blood Brother,’ the extended instrumentals and guitar solo showing the immense skill of each band member. Sliding back to the piano, ‘Hot Tears’ brings a dreamlike essence to the room. Fans respond, raising their phones to record the moment. The band departs as Leif breaks into a handful of songs, including an incredibly beautiful new song. The room quiets, stuck in awe of the serenity and sweetness Leif brings with each song. The moment of stillness comes to a close as Leif launches into the Prince song ‘How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore.’ On guitar, Leif rounds the night out with ‘Long Blue Light’ and ‘Never Be Back’ before his encore.

Perfect nights are hard to curate; the right setlist needs to meet the right energy, it is a balance that most artists miss. Yet Leif found the balance, crafting an arguably perfect night at Great American Hall. With beauty and charisma the set list was sentimental, vulnerable, and humorous. From the band flowed waves of sound that engulfed every audience member, from Leif came stories that made everyone lean in to hear. Leif Vollebekk crafted a special set and a special night, leaving audience in awe.