Author: Oliver Kogod

Oliver Kogod is a San Francisco native whose life revolves around music. He tries to fill his time with music related actions— writing, listening, reflecting, creating, sharing, performing, dancing. Hearing the Ramones as a teenager changed his life, and he is always looking forward to uncovering his next life-changing band.

Silk Road Toner Buy on red vinyl Last month Oakland label Smoking Room put out a second pressing of Toner’s 2020 album Silk Road. The many bands who have one word names that end in -er (Duster, Provoker, Pardoner ) have got me thinking in verbs. I’m not thinking about toner as in the skin cream nor the ink, instead the action as something that tones. To tone like to strengthen or to alter a color. In May, Smoking Room, an Oakland record label, re-pressed (not repressed) Toner’s 2020 album Silk Road on colorful neon vinyl. The album is short,…

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