Author: Pjay Castro

Father, self-trained IT professional, writer, activist, biker, samba baterista, and music lover, Bronx native, Pjay Castro (Radiohash) has been a fan of music all his life, especially live music. He started his IT career while working for Tower Records for over 18 years, where he traveled for store openings and other projects, befriending musicians and artists whom he felt more relaxed and comfortable with than every day people. The Bay Area is Pjay’s favorite scene in California where the arts, expression and culture are priorities that are celebrated.

George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars 1015 Folsom March 16, 2016 All photos by Ashleigh Castro. The Mothership landed and it brought a pack of funky all-stars. P-Funk All Stars is George Clinton’s ‘80s born collective of old skool and new skool out of this world Funk talent. Just like in sports, Maceo Parker referred to it before on a live CD while he was in the lineup, “like the NBA all-stars. “ The lineup is a constantly evolving, hand-picked set of star performers. The best at what they do and what they do is FUNK, psychedelic style. The…

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