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Jesus & Mary Chain Chill At The Fox


Jesus & Mary Chain
The Fox Theater, Oakland
May 20, 2017

All photos by Raymond Ahner.

Known for their shoegazing, maybe the first band to be called shoegazer, Jesus & Mary Chain put on a dreamy but fuzzy show built on the back of their first album release in many years, Damage and Joy. As always, there wasn’t a big dramatic show, just the two brothers Jim and William Reid and the rest of the band with them presenting a drone-laden sound. While the new album provided many of the songs for the show, they did reach into the back catalog to remind everyone just how deep their material goes.

Check out photos from the show by Raymond Ahner:

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Setlist: Amputation | April Skies | Head On | Far Gone and Out | Between Planets | Blues From a Gun | Always Sad | Mood Rider | Teenage Lust | Cherry Came Too | The Hardest Walk | All Things Pass | Some Candy Talking | Halfway to Crazy | Nine Million Rainy Days | Reverence | | Just Like Honey | You Trip Me Up | The Living End | War on Peace | | Taste of Cindy | I Hate Rock ‘n’ Roll

Find out more about Jesus & Mary Chain on their website.


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