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Gojira Pummels The Warfield


The Warfield
October 7, 2016

All photos by Raymond Ahner.

Hot on the heels of their new album Magma, Gojira took the stage at The Regency and delivered an insanely loud, dense metal set in a packed Warfield. Anyone who wasn’t sweating by the end of the first song was probably standing outside. The crowd was a mass of motion that rocked everyone against their neighbors throughout.


Gojira hails from France and is now that country’s best known metal band. A foursome – Joe Duplantier on vocals and guitars, Mario Duplantier on drums, Christian Andreu on guitar, and Jean-Michel Labadie on bass – plays technical death metal that maintains an atmospheric and progressive sound. Mario Duplantier’s drumming drives the sound, showing what everyone knows about the best metal bands – drumming is the key.


The band brought a light show that include strobes and video projection on a rear screen. Timed with the drums, the light show is spectacular and feels like a mass nervous breakdown is about to happen. And that’s a good thing.

Setlist: Only Pain | The Heaviest Matter of the Universe | Silvera | Stranded | Flying Whales | The Cell | Backbone | Terra Inc. | Wisdom Comes | Drum Solo | The Shooting Star | Toxic Garbage Island | Pray || Clone | Oroborus || Vacuity

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For more information on Gojira, check out their website.



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