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Video Review – The Promise by Chris Cornell


Survival Pictures has released a video for the Chris Cornell song “The Promise,” the last recording/video of Cornell’s career. The song was released in March in conjunction with the movie of the same name, serving as the music playing over the end credits.

Visually the music video deals in the same concepts as the movie, namely the cycle of violence in the Middle East that has contributed to the refugee crisis. Directed by Meiert Avis (Audioslave, U2) and Stefan Smith (Madonna, Sting), the video intercuts shots of Cornell singing and playing his guitar with a collage of shots drawn from the refugee crisis.

The contrast in shots makes for a gripping music video, especially when blended with the grand nature of the song itself. Building slowly from a lightly strummed acoustic guitar, the song begins to pick up steam along with Cornell’s powerful vocal line.

Perhaps the most incredible talent Cornell possessed was his ability to evoke so many deep emotions and embed them in a song. Eventually the song reaches a crescendo of blaring electric guitars, haunting strings, and pounding snare drums as Cornell sings the final lines: “One promise that always remains/No matter the price/A promise to survive/Persevere and thrive/And dare to rise once more/A promise to survive/Persevere and thrive/And fill the world with life/As we’ve always done.”

With a superb bit of directing from Avis and Smith, along with one of Cornell’s best solo compositions, The Promise succeeds on many different levels and in the wake of Cornell’s tragic passing it serves as a reminder to just how talented of a singer and songwriter he was.

All proceeds from the song will be donated to support refugees and children.

Watch “The Promise” by Chris Cornell:


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