Tuesday, April 6

Video Review – Betta Fish by Moon Honey


Cabaret-style art rock has a long history peppered with terrific performers and terrific performances. The presentation takes the music onto a different plane, stretching the boundaries of musical performance into a theatrical milieu. Moon Honey just released a video that could be a primer for what it’s all about.

This genre may have hit center stage in the 1970s when Lene Lovich left art school to become a musical performer. Lovich’s quirky voice and equally quirky appearance quickly garnered the attention of that time’s wide open punk scene, cemented by Stiff Records putting out numerous Lovich albums.

There is more than a passing resemblance between Moon Honey’s Jess Joy and Lovich. In “Betta Fish,” Joy’s voice travels through interesting places while following band-mate Andrew Martin’s compositions filled with unusual transitions. It would definitely be fun to see San Francisco’s own musician/performance artist Kat Robichaud paired in a show with Moon Honey.

The video for “Betta Fish,” directed by Paul Meredith, reinforces the dramatic oddity of the music with its zany set – the California Institute of Abnormal Arts – and Joy’s colorful outfit, some shooting stars, and an audience of one.

So here’s to hoping that Moon Honey brings “Betta Fish” and rest of their repertoire to San Francisco soon!

Watch “Betta Fish” by Moon Honey:


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