Friday, April 9

Video Release – I’ve Got Problems by Sam Chase and The Untraditional


Sam Chase is on a roll.

He’s playing festivals. He’s headlining clubs like Slim’s, The Independent, and The Great American Music Hall. He’s on the radio and he’s on all sorts of internet playlists. And he has a new video out.

Chase brings his prodigious homegrown San Francisco talents – songwriting, performing, storytelling, entertaining – to every musical endeavor. His latest incarnation of his Americana-laced band, Sam Chase and the Untraditional, has terrific depth with newfound keyboards that highlight Chase’s somewhat gruff voice. And on the new video, “I’ve Got Problems,” Chase runs the gamut from personal to worldly lyrically, performed with a range of emotion and energy that creates a terrific dynamic. And, the video takes this to another level, from minimalism to chaos and back, with just a hint of The Last Supper along the way.

So take a look and listen to the new video here:

For more information about Sam Chase and the Untraditional, check out this web page

Photo by Jeff Spirer.


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