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Toro y Moi Delivers Sultry Jams in Berkeley


Toro Y Moi
UC Theatre, Berkeley
November 10, 2016

All photos by Jon Bauer.

Chazwick Bundick has always been familiar with multicultural identities. Bundick himself is the son of a Filipino mother and an African-American father. His stage name is derived from two languages meaning “bull and me,” “Toro y” from Spanish and the French word “moi” meaning “me.”

Toro y MoiToro Y Moi

During the first years of his career the singer/producer was responsible for helping construct the then emerging genre of “chillwave” beginning with his 2010 debut Causers of This. Chillwave is the hazy, lo-fi pop genre that acts like Neon Indian, Tycho, and Washed Out perform across the country.

Toro y MoiToro Y Moi

Since 2010 Toro y Moi has expanded his instrumental palette with each new release. Now with four full length studio albums and several EPs under his belt, the singer has recorded with live drumming, pianos, guitars, and synths.

Toro y MoiToro Y Moi

A recurring theme of Toro y Moi’s discography is Bundick’s ability to change his musical trajectory with each project. On his 2011 sophomore record “Underneath the Pine” he improves his chillwave aesthetic and douses his songs with a bit of funk. He returned with a yearning for disco and pop on 2013’s Anything in Return and found himself experimenting with psychedelic and indie rock on his latest What For?

Toro y MoiToro Y Moi

At the beautiful UC Theatre in downtown Berkeley, Toro y Moi performed at the sold out venue during a typically warm Californian November evening. With a full house moving their feet to songs like “What You Want” and “Buffalo,” Toro and his backing band laid down atmospheric rhythms and took a tour of Toro’s entire catalogue. Favorites like “So Many Details” and “Empty Nesters” to “New Beat” and “Rose Quartz” got the live treatment.=

Toro y MoiToro Y Moi

A band that regularly tours with Toro y Moi was opener Mattson 2, an identical twin duo comprising of Jared Mattson on guitar and Jonathan Mattson on drums. In fact, both Bundick and the band have recently announced a collaborative album scheduled to release next year on March 31st. The song “Star Stuff” from the upcoming Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2 is available for streaming.

The Mattson 2Mattson 2

The Mattson 2 has only two people but their sound seeks to fool the listener into thinking more people are present. Jared used a looper pedal for his double necked six-string guitar and bass combo. He began songs by laying down the basic bass track with Jonathan following him on his drum kit. Then Jared would fill the space with watery melodies and let his fingers do the talking. Mattson 2’s music is all instrumental.

The Mattson 2Mattson 2

The two musicians joined Toro y Moi on stage for an encore of his track “Yeah Right”.

Toro Y Moi:

Setlist: What You Want | Lilly | Buffalo | Still Sound | Studies | So Many Details | Godfather | The Flight | How I Know | Half Dome | Empty Nesters | High Living | Grown Up Calls | You Hid | New Beat | I Can Get Love | Rose Quartz || Say That | Yeah Right (with The Mattson 2)

For more information about Toro Y Moi, check out their website.

Mattson 2:

Find out more about Mattson 2 here.



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