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The Interrupters Bring the Good Fight to the Rickshaw Stop


The Interrupters
Rickshaw Stop
October 26, 2018

Photos by Raymond Ahner. 

Hot off the heels of their latest studio release Fight The Good Fight, The Interrupters played their first proper Bay Area headlining show of 2018 at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco recently  (as part of Alt 105’s Monster Mosh) and left little doubt that they are primed and ready to take it to the next level. One of the most visible current ska-punk bands, the show had exactly what fans came to hear.

The InterruptersOpening their set with “A Friend Like Me,” The Interrupters’ energy was infectious from the opening note. The beyond sold-out crowd wasted no time dancing, pushing their way to the front of the stage, and even doing a little crowd surfing. Brothers Kevin (guitar) and Justin (bass) Bivona jumped off of their road cases and traded places on either side of the stage, while vocalist Aimee Interrupter was as engaging as always with the fans, coming to the front of the stage to make sure they were all having a good time.

The Interrupters

The band’s setlist had something for everyone, including “Broken World” and “She’s Kerosene,” off the new record, to “On a Turntable,” “Jenny Drinks,” and “She Got Arrested,” from their earlier releases. By the time they wrapped up their set with “Family”, it was quite clear that The Interrupters are on their way to the top.

Here’s a slideshow with more photos of The Interrupters by Raymond Ahner:

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For more information about The Interrupters, check out their website.


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