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The Dictators NYC Fire Up Slim’s


The Dictators NYC
November 10, 2016

All photos by Raymond Ahner.

Long running proto-punk legends The Dictators NYC rolled into to San Francisco for a raucous show at Slim’s recently and gave the packed crowd a glimpse of New York City at it’s finest.

Dictators NYCHandsome Dick Manitoba

Led by frontman Handsome Dick Manitoba, the Dictators continue to be of the most influential bands to ever come out of New York. Their music is the perfect combination of straight-ahead rock and punk rock, filled with hooks, harmonies, riffs, and most importantly, attitude. With a setlist that included classics “Master Race Rock,” “Who Will Save Rock and Roll,” “Faster and Louder,” and “New York, New York,” mixed in with the newer “Supply and Demand,” the bands 90 minute set had everyone in the crowd singing along.

Dictators NYCRoss The Boss and Daniel Rey

Founding member and guitarist Ross “The Boss” and fellow guitarist and Daniel Rey provided the shredding guitar, while bassist Dean Rispler and drummer JP “Thunderbolt” Patterson laid down the backbone.

Dictators NYCHandsome Dick Manitoba

Wrapping up their set with a blazing cover of the MC5 classic “Kick Out The Jams,” the Dictators NYC proved that even after all these years, they are still one of the best things going today.


Supporting the Dictators NYC was another legendary band, D.O.A., whose hardcore political anthems were the perfect juxtaposition.

Check out this photo slideshow of The Dictators NYC by Raymond Ahner:

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For more information on The Dictators NYC, check out their website.

 For more information on D.O.A., click here.



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