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Diet Cig Bubbles Up Pop-Punk at Brick & Mortar


Diet Cig
Brick and Mortar
February 22, 2017

All photos by Amber Gregory.

“Delightful” is a wonderful and incredibly accurate word that describes what it’s like watching Diet Cig perform live. A bubbly pop-punk duo from the east coast, this pair headlined a great night of music at Brick and Mortar Music Hall on a Wednesday night, supported by local acts PLUSH, Joyride! and Shutups.

Diet Cig

Diet Cig

So, let’s get this much out of the way: every band was great, and it felt good to see so many local bands in the mix (who knew there were so many pop-punk bands in the Bay Area?). The three openers, who brought many of their own fans from around the bay, warmed the crowd as the venue filled to capacity. Another great moment: realizing Brick & Mortar was sold out and packed!



When Diet Cig – Alex Luciano on guitar and vocals and Noah Bowman on drums – took the stage just after 10:30pm, an instantly lovable maelstrom of killer drums, vocals and guitar erupted and the entire audience was rapt. It seemed impossible not to fall in love with Diet Cig on that Wednesday night, particularly as Luciano grinned and jumped around the stage during each song. They make the kind of bubbly pop-punk many felt died ten years ago. Well, good news: it’s back — or it never left — and it’s as great as ever.



From the moment Shutups took the stage to open the night, it was a nonstop, no-nonsense pop-punk extravaganza, drums and guitars and vocals and jumping around the stage and a lot of unbridled joy, even when the songs were sad.

For more information on Diet Cig, check out their website.

Check out Joyride! on BandCamp.

Get to know PLUSH on their Facebook page.

Find out more about Shutups here.



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