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Devil Wears Prada Rises Up at The UC Theatre


Devil Wears Prada
UC Theatre, Berkeley
November 4, 2016

All photos by Raymond Ahner.

Late last week the “Rise Up” Tour rolled into Berkeley for it’s last show, and headliners The Devil Wears Prada put on a metalcore clinic as they blazed through a setlist that highlighted their entire back catalogue. Having just released just released their latest studio record, Transit Blues, on October 7th, the band ripped through a few songs from the record, including “Praise Poison,” “Flyover States,” and ‘Daughter,” as the strobe lights kept up with the frantic guitars. As the mosh pit grew, the band also belted more than a few from their earlier records, including “Escape,” “First Sight,” and “Supernova,” before returning to the stage to close out the night with an encore of “Mammoth.”

Devil Wears Prada

Devil Wears Prada

Joining the band on this tour are Memphis May Fire, Silverstein, and Like Moths To Flames, all of whom put on inspired sets of their own.

Here’s a slideshow of photos of Devil Wears Prada and Memphis May Fire by Raymond Ahner:

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Setlist: Praise Poison | Assistant to the Regional Manager | Outnumbered | To the Key of Evergreen | Escape | Anatomy | Born to Lose | Flyover States | Daughter | First Sight | Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over / Reptar, King of the Ozone / HTML Rulez D00d | Hey John, What’s Your Name Again? | Planet A | Supernova | Asteroid | Danger: Wildman || Mammoth

For more information about Devil Wears Prada, check out their website.

Find out more about Memphis May Fire on their Facebook page.



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