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The Honey Toads at The Phoenix Theater on September 22, 2017


The Honey Toads
Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
September 22, 2017
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Formed by four longtime friends, The Honey Toads have grown together over the years on both personal and musical levels. Meeting in their first year of high school, Nick Cafiero (electric ukulele/vocals), Joe DeMars (bass), Jack Hogan (guitar), and Dominic Bergamini (drums) cut their teeth generating original material and honing their meticulously tight sound to give shape to the band’s current form.

While historically many groups splinter after graduation, big life changes, and personal tragedies, The Honey Toads have remained a constant in each of the members’ lives. The group’s consistency and stability in the face of the ever-changing times can be felt in their intense drive and measured determination to convey their intent to the listener.

Although the idea of nostalgia is a constant theme in their music, the quartet doesn’t live in the past. Instead, each member has channeled their experiences into a melodic complexity and poetic openness that resonates with their local scene of Petaluma, CA and beyond. The fluid nature of each song and the assured delivery of every note and verse speaks to the solidity of four intertwined paths, years in the making.


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