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The Alarm at The Chapel on August 18, 2017


The Alarm
The Chapel
August 18, 2017
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Over 30 years in the rock and roll business, the story of The Alarm is a continuing and ever unfolding drama that still commands worldwide attention since being formed in Rhyl, North Wales and is still fronted by lead singer and guitarist Mike Peters.

To some fans, The Alarm was the greatest live band to ever take the stage in a dingy club, theatre, or football arena. Others found solace in the lyrics, latching on to themes of inspiration, hope, spirituality and friendship. Still others enjoyed the camaraderie among fans, and the genuine affection the band showed towards them. The one thing that tied all of things together was the music. From adrenaline- filled acoustic rock played with a vengeance, to deft rock n’ roll played from the heart, the Alarm’s songs were something special with lasting significance.

Despite a 2005 diagnosis of leukemia, Peters has successfully continued to lead the band which is coming to San Francisco this month.

Watch “The Stand” by The Alarm:


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