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Los Improviders at Old Princeton Landing in HMB on August 23, 2019


Los Improviders
Old Princeton Landing
August 23, 2019

Los Improviders is group of Bay Area musicians that love to improvise their sets. They play in the moment without rehearsal which allows a rare freedom of expression to unfold during their shows. With a fusion of guitar, bass, keys, horns, and drums, they express their gratitude for life by playing in the moment with the intent of creating positive and warm welcoming vibes for their audiences. Their music has a touch of smooth soul, jazzish outlets, deep funk grooves, pulsating flamenco, and heavy melodies that continue to grow with each new performance.

Come check out the improvised vibes at Old Princeton Landing in Half Moon Bay on Friday Aug 23 @ 6pm.

For early risers, Los Improviders will try to conjure the great pumpkin from 10:30 am – 1:30 pm at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival Sat October 19.

Los Improviders:

Salvador Gaeta- Guitars
Curtis Funderburk- Drums
Matt Sprugasci- Bass
Duhran Wilson-Trumpet
Bill Bronson- Sax
Juan Maserati- Keys

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