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Editors At The Regency Ballroom on May 11, 2018


Regency Ballroom
May 11, 2018
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Dark indie guitar rock is the best way to describe Editors. Drawing on influences from both older and contemporary bands such as Echo & the Bunnymen, Joy Division, The Strokes, and REM, the band has sometimes been compared to American indie band Interpol. 

Editors’ first album, The Back Room, was described as having a wiry and raw sound, which led it to being famously dubbed ‘dark disco’ by NME. This sound was created with synths, catchy guitar riffs and simple, ambiguous lyrics. An End Has a Start showed progression to a ‘bigger’ sound. This new sound was created by adding more textured layers to the songs as well as incorporating new forms of music into them.

Lead singer Smith announced that the band would explore a new rawer direction on their next album.The new sound materialized on their third album, with a darker vibe than the previous two albums, while also attempting to make the album sound as if it had been recorded live.

While Smith tends to write the lyrics and chords, song writing overall is a collaborative effort.The song writing starts with Smith on piano or acoustic guitar, sending recordings to the other band members where the song is turned into a full ‘Editors song.’ Smith has said that he purposely makes the lyrics ambiguous so people can draw their own conclusions.


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