Author: Tyrone Chouhan

Tyrone Chouhan hails from the sun-soaked desert of Santa Clarita, California. Growing up, his gateway to music happened to be the soundtrack to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. Days and days of playtime and the combination of hip-hop, metal, and punk music that played throughout the game eventually opened his eyes to every type of music imaginable. He spent an endless amount of time rifling through music of all sorts as a kid- grindcore, jazz-infused hip-hop, alternative country. If there was a hyphen in the genre title, there's a good chance that he's heard the essentials. After dabbling in a computer science major for a bit at San Francisco State, he eventually graduated with a B.A. in Humanities, and now spends his days working in San Francisco's tech scene. You'll likely spot him across the bridge in Berkeley, either playing basketball at San Pablo Park or having a beer at Fieldwork.

#1 Hit Single Cende Double Double Whammy Despite its name, #1 Hit Single, is the debut full-length album by Brooklyn jangle-punk band Cende, despite its 22 minute length. It’s 22 minutes of power with a sound that ranges from joyful pop-punk to heavy droning. The lyrics throughout the album echo similar themes of angst, confusion, heartache. The layers of sound are complex throughout the album- the track “What I Want” for example, sounds different than the two songs before it. The tune manages to be grandoise and sad, one of two tracks where the guitars and drums seem to reflect…

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